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Moonshine - Alaya Dawn Johnson I picked up this book ages ago on a blog's recommendation and only just got to reading it. I enjoy urban fantasy these days, but sometimes it all starts to run together. This book had some unusual elements for the genre that I found intriguing: the setting in the Prohibition era isn't one that's much explored, and in addition to the usual vampires etc., this book introduces a djinn as one of its paranormals. It feels like the setup to a series (one reason for the 3 stars is because there are a number of hints of plot threads, like Zephyr's roommate's onset of Second Sight, that don't really seem to go anywhere), but I believe #2 has only recently been published, and I'm wavering a little on whether to pick it up.The worldbuilding here is a lot of fun, but I had a few moments where I wanted to shake the heroine... a lot. About 3/4 of the way through the book, she's handed a piece of information on a silver platter that ties together several of the mysteries in the book. She fails to notice, or to give it any thought besides "Hmm, that's odd." I actually found myself telling her what she ought to do. Out loud. Which was a little awkward, and she never did listen to me. I'm also not sure what was the deal with Zephyr's nascent career as a jazz singer. It didn't have any bearing on the plot, and only served to make her look a bit of a Mary Sue.The way the djinn was handled was interesting. I did like it that the end of his arc was done in a way that made it clear that he really isn't human. I didn't enjoy Zephyr's family all that much, but I really did like the many different types of relationships between women that made up a lot of the book- Zephyr's partnership with Lily, her friendship with Aileen, even her adversarial relationship with her landlady.