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Ashfall - Mike Mullin As the cover blurb says, the scariest apocalypse is one that could really happen. This debut novel follows Alex, a teenager trying to reach his parents after the eruption of the supervolcano hidden under Wyoming devastates North America, destroying the infrastructure that tenuously holds modern civilization in one fell swoop. The people Alex meets rise or fall to the challenge, organizing or succumbing to anarchy each in their own ways.While this book hasn't given me actual nightmares, it was a profoundly disquieting read. This particular type of apocalypse hits very close to home. What would I do if I lost all my civilized comforts and networks with no warning? How do you decide what morality to hold onto in a world where not everyone maintains the same ideals? The world Alex and his traveling companion Darla navigate on their quest presents them with a lot of difficult questions, and there are no easy answers.Mike Mullin has done his research. Everything he writes about, from geological disaster to martial arts, is carefully written to be as realistic as possible, but he manages to avoid the "my research, let me show you it" trap that many new authors fall into. (He spoke to my book club- the guy went out and earned a black belt in taekwondo so he could write his fight scenes as realistically as possible. This is dedication.)