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Butterfly Swords (Harlequin Historical) - Jeannie Lin It took me longer than I expected to finish this book. I really wanted to be able to give it a great review and support romances with Asian characters and settings, but the writing style of this one didn't really pull me in. In particular, the heroine immediately lusts after the hero (and vice versa) because... she just does. I would have preferred the physical attraction to be developed a little more.Ai Li (the heroine) does spend most of the book doing what the hero tells her to do. I didn't have an enormous problem with that- Ai Li is a princess, despite her martial arts prowess, and she isn't remotely wise in the ways of the world. What I did find troublesome was that in calling her "Ailey" throughout the narrative, using the barbarian hero's nickname for her, the author seems to put the male foreigner's stamp on Ai Li even though the book is written largely from her perspective (third person limited omniscient), and the reader has to view her through that prism even when reading about her cultural upbringing.I'd try another book by this author, but this one didn't entirely work for me.